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5àsec signed a Master Franchisee agreement with SB Fabcare Pvt. Ltd India in March 2010. SB Fabcare Pvt. Ltd. is a recently formed company with a mission to associate with 5àsec's vision & values and provide the Indian market with professional Textile care solutions. The promoters of the company bring with them a wealth of retail, franchising, & branding experience to make this a success.

The site content is the ownership of SB Fabcare Pvt. Ltd and is meant for information purpose only. The use of this site shall not constitute any contract for provision of any service or commitment by us in any manner whatsoever.

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General Terms and Conditions:

  • 5àsec strives to provide the best quality service to its valuable customers. All the dry cleaning & laundry services provided by us here in India are based on standard practices followed by 5àsec worldwide. The services offered and techniques used have been tested and also adjusted to ensure optimum cleaning and safety of your everyday wear clothing in addition to the special fabrics & garments.
  • We commit ourselves to clean and provide additional services according to the professional methods practiced by 5àsec international. Your entrusted articles will be treated with the greatest care and respect for the environment. We welcome your feedback at all times and will ensure it is incorporated into our system for continuous improvement when possible
  • Our services are usually payable for at the time of receiving your entrusted articles.
  • The articles will be returned only against validation of receipt provided earlier unless in special circumstances.
  • No agent or employee of 5àsec has any authority to alter these terms in any manner.
  • All taxes and Levies applicable as per law.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The company aims to provide the best quality of cleaning available as per its standard methods; however does not guarantee the removal of all stains on an article. Whenever possible, the company will notify the customer of stains and issues that cannot be resolved due to further possible damage to the fabric.
  • The company is untied to any responsibility excluded in the event of serious negligence. Our responsibility to the article only holds true if the article to be treated supports the process of cleaning recommended on the label of maintenance. If the article does not support any wash care and maintenance instruction, the company shall use its expertise to provide appropriate service with exclusion to any responsibility.
  • In spite of the simple professional control carried out at the time of the reception of the articles, we cannot be held responsible for the damage due to non identifiable properties or not detectable defects such as: insufficient resistance of fabrics or the seams, bad reaction of the colors or the impressions, presence of a pen in the lining, former defects, deterioration of the buttons, loops, zippers, shoulder pads, ornaments, etc., or if the label of maintenance is incorrect. A responsibility for contracting or modification of the colors remaining in the usual tolerances is excluded.
  • The need for a particular treatment must be obvious especially in the event of delicate characteristics of the textile easily recognizable or stains which require a special treatment. The symbol of maintenance and/or the indication of the care on the label of maintenance are determining for the cleaning of the textiles.
  • We can issue reserved terms applicable at the time of the reception of the articles to be treated.
  • A guarantee of ultimate success of the company is excluded.
  • We put all efforts to respect the agreed delivery period & timeliness. Delays do not however give any right to compensation.
  • Safe keeping charges of Rupees 3 per article per day may be charged to customer failing to collect their article within 20 days of delivery date.
  • The articles must be collected within a period of 3 months after their deposit. The company shall make attempt to contact the customer in such cases, however cannot be held liable for loss of article after a 90 day failure to collect back the article.
  • If the mandate of cleaning cannot be carried out, the articles are returned in the state. The number and the kind of parts indicated on the receipt are determining for the restitutions of the entrusted articles.
  • Any article damaged due to serious negligence of the company and does not apply to any rules mentioned herewith shall be compensated by paying up to 6 times the value of the service provided to the customer on that article. The compensation shall be made in form of voucher of equivalent cash value or a direct cash payment.
  • In the event of damage caused in an article or loss for which we take the responsibility, the customer is compensated according to the table for the current values on the devaluation for the articles; the compensation relates only to the entrusted articles. Any allowance in kind is excluded.
  • Any complaint(s) must be deposited without delay; and at the latest in the three business days after receiving the articles and on presentation of receipt.
  • The complaints are carefully examined by our customer service and give place to a catch of position justified or an explanation.

The general terms and conditions of this site are subject to the Indian Laws and Jurisdiction of Mumbai Courts only.