Become a Franchisee

Today, 5àsec continues its dynamic international expansion.

A new 5àsec store opens every 3 days, and an average of 2 countries join 5àsec every year!

5àsec passes to you all the know-how, the business knowledge, the support, and the keys to success so you can turn it to profitable venture.
5àsec, a crucial help in a moving world…

with setting up

  • Market studies approval

  • 5-year business plan approval

  • Initial management training

  • Assistance, location approval

  • Store plans

  • Installations

  • Help with hiring

  • Technical and operational support

  • Follow-up

  • Continuous training

  • Lobbying

with logistics

  • Purchase center

  • Latest technology

  • Tested and approved products

  • Competitive prices

  • Direct order

with the animation

  • Frequent international conventions

  • 5àsec News

  • On site visits

  • Compack

  • Store animation

with innovation

  • Concept evolution and creation of new services

  • Software program

  • Technological watch cell

with strategy

  • Pricing

  • Types of stores

  • Mix between store branches and franchises



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